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December 2011

Last week Thinking Space was updated and rebranded as "Mindjet for Android".

This is an especially exciting time for me as I also have joined the Mindjet team. When I started writing Thinking Space over two years ago I hoped to develop a tool that could harness the amazing new Android platform and apply it to creative thinking.

Itís always been a labor of love and combining Thinking Space resources with Mindjet, who has set standard in both desktop and cloud-based mapping, enables me to scale the product and deliver new capabilities than could otherwise not be realized. I look forward to expanding upon the quality product that you have come to expect.

The development speed of Thinking Space (now "Mindjet for Android") is proceeding faster than ever. Look for lots of new features in the next few months. :)

Let us know what you think over at Mindjet's customer feedback forum

Charlie, developer of Thinking Space, now Mindjet for Android.